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Re: Irimi Nage as Kokyu nage?

Nothing like least not where I practice.

The technique appears useless until you realize that perhaps it would be useful if you were holding a sword. (Point is for kokyu nage to work, you need them to want to grab onto you...and a sword in nages hand is a pretty good reason to not want to let go.)

Imagine they grab your right arm with their left.
You then swing your arm in front of you and up like a sword and then 'cut' down, to which they will then 'roll' or take ukemi.

So no its nothing like the vid you showed. But names can change for sure...Im realizing that with the naming conventions we use for our footwork vs. what I see on the net. (Take Tai Sabaki for example...its one of our foot work techniques.)

Again, kokyu nage is interesting -



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