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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Guy who trained with Ueshiba. He lived next door to the dojo.
Talking about so many of the things we have been bringing up here.
Listen at about 2:30 in to the video. He is talking about Saito sensei and himself among others pushing on O'sensei. I've read this stuff before; where someone cites things done by others, but they-the ones being referred to- never seemed to have discussed it much.
Anyway, its worth hearing.

Then listen about 4:50 in and you discover also why so few know these things anymore.
Its like being gay in the military; don't ask, don't tell.

Also of interest is at the beginning pf the video his referring to Kokyu as an exercise, not a waza, but an exercise. And him asking the audiance if they do pushing as an exercise as well, sitting, standing etc.
Thanks Josh

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