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Re: Seiseki Abe Sensei video....whats going on here?

Jason Mayo wrote: View Post
Thats fine if they are actually connected, but if you watch both videos, especially the one FiuzA replied with, theyre not connecting at all. Nage is waving his hands around and uke is just jumping.

So my question now is, whats the point of being involved in something theatrical or "fluffy"? Ive seen osenseis ukes do some things in demonstrations that i would call questionable, but this is a little rediculous....
Well they are connecting their movements even though they aren't connecting physically. If you picture nage as holding something like a jo, some of the movements seem more practical to me. Beyond that, my guess is that these are coordination and responsiveness exercises. I know in my own training, sparse though it's been, it's been stressed that I should have a sense of connection before during and after contact. Perhaps this is one way of building that mental connection. The mention of sympathetic movements in another thread comes to mind. Perhaps the goal is to develop that sympathetic connection of movements. I don't really know though.

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