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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?


First of all, good news on your fire situation!

Thanks for clearing up your earlier post. I understand now what you are saying and even agree - imagine that.

My earlier point was that most cops simply won't train in Aikido to the level needed to be effective on more than a rudimentary level. They will get pretty good at an ikkyo (as long as we call it an arm bar take down) at a kihon level and not much further. Hence I think it valuable for most cops to train/cross train/experience both the striking and groundfighting schools as well. They won't be very good at any of them, but they will have a few tools in the toolbox to perhaps get them home at end of watch. Aikido could certainly be enough if the individual is will to put in the time, sweat and effort to get beyond a brief exposure to kihon waza.

Good luck with the rest of what looks to be a terrible fire season in your area!

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