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Re: Using Daito-Ryu's Aiki Without Harm

It's not the skill sets that are special. Aikido has nothing that I have not seen in any other martial art as far as a skill set that is unique or sets it apart from stopping harm. IMO, there is nothing special in aikido in that respect. Nothing.

I agree with WIlliam Hazen, guns, nukes, whatever are the same as anything we learn in aikido.

So, what is it that sets it apart? It has more to do with the holistic approach to budo than anything else. Budo is the answer.

That should not be an excuse for us to not learn good martial skills. Quite the contrary, the study of budo done properly COMPELLS us to learn martial skills correctly. To look at the lethality correctly, to embrace it.

I think if you start looking at aiki from that perspective it really changes things. It did for me.

Krav Maga, BJJ, Judo, Aikido, or Internal Skills all starts to be apart of aikido waza once you realize it ain't about the skills, but about the holistic study of budo.

AIkido provides us a structure in order to study budo. A wonderful one!

It does require us, I think to LET GO, of the notion of aikido as a set of skills though.

William is dead on.

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