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Re: Using Daito-Ryu's Aiki Without Harm

Without "Harm" is a manner of intention not just technique or method.... I would say dozens of times a day all over the US Police Officers draw their service weapon and point it at a suspect who may mean them harm and.... In over 98% (or higher) of these incidents no harm is committed in the act of "resolving" the conflict...

Knowing Aiki or expressing it is one thing... Your intentions are something else. In Aikido I would like to think we train ourselves to commit a minimal amount of "harm" by polishing our intentions...

As Shoji Nishio put it....

"People who practice Aikido should be recognized as the best artists in the world. It's easy to create something good with good materials, however, we perform a martial art that is designed to destroy and kill people, which, is something people dislike.
With these poor materials, we cultivate a society of friendship and build peaceful minds that people desire.

Every Aikido technique has that mind/heart"

So while all this talk of great skill is wonderful all I am interested in is what kind of man or woman it makes you into...

That is Budo... and I think Fred Little said much the same thing in referring to Terry Dobson's last few classes at Bond Street before he died on a similar thread a few days back.

William Hazen
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