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Re: Falling in love with Sensei

i thought i was e only dummy in this situation. apparently, not.

i too have a strict maths teacher in his mid thirties. Honestly speaking, it wasn't love at first sight. infact i didnt like him at all till the third month of school. somehow, i just started admiring him. he is a realy handsome teacher. i started to get even more obsess and sometime started asking myself whether i'm " too concerned for him". there was once when he had a really bad sore throat and i secretely left him a pack of "sore throat sweet".

However, after a year or s , i accidentally found out that he left my school and cred for 2 nights. just when i thought everything was over, i found out that he actually teaches tuition outside. and Lucky Me, i actualy became his student.

But recently, i feel that i am more and more in love. and he can easily control my feelings. as in ... just by seeing him or thinking about him, i can't stop smilling to myself. my friends even ask me " hey, why are u smiling to urself like an idiot". or recently, i invited him to come to my concert, and after curtain call, i was really expecting to se him coming to the stage to congratulate me but i did not see him. i was totally down. so many of my friends gave me flowers but despite having my friends, i couldn't smile, i had to "fake smile".... afterwhich, i smsed him and he reply... apparently he left ith some of the other teachers for supper. but after he congratulated me, i was extremly happy agin. i feel like and idiot! i can't control my feelings anymore. i'm more and more worried.. what if ican't controll my feelings, i feel like telling him everything but i can't. help...
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