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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Are we really interested in stretching and turning every phrase and word to unsreasonable and ridiculous lengths?
No, Dan, I was just shooting the breeze with Rob -- since I didn't feel he was qualified to speak for you but chose to do so anyway.

No I don't make people lift up pencils and do automatic writing and make me coffee. Feeling like your movements are being totally controlled when attacking someone is well within hundreds of defintiions of high level aiki. If you are unaware of it-well...that pretty much speaks for itself doesn't it.
If you are aware and have felt it, then knock it off and just talk plainly.
Sure, I understand -- at least in general terms. That caveat is because I wouldn't claim great expertise, or to know specifically what you can do or teach.

Are you doubting that the same level of control can happen under more intense attacks? What?
I don't doubt it at all. I think it becomes exponentially harder with the seriousness of the attack. Especially if the attacker is a) also aware of the dynamic and has a modicum of skill in it; and b) willing to let *himself* be hurt in order to accomplish his goals (whatever they may be). Under those circumstances, I wasn't sure if what you were describing can be successful. With a great enough skill/strength/size differential any approach can be successful, or course, but I think every approach has practical limits.

To be clear, I applaud the ideal, and I respect your acknowledgment of the pragmatics as well. Since you didn't know what position I was representing when you made your statement, I made the logical assumption that you felt your position could hold up against mine *without* knowing it. That implies a very strong claim. You would not be the first person in history to make such claims (or have them made for you) so I was genuinely interested in knowing if you *are* making it. I'm trying to ask this pointed question with as much humor and friendliness as possible.

Can you state your questions to me in more simple and direct terms please?
I'll try. Please let me know if the above was clear enough or you want me to refine it.

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