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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Hi Rob
To stick to the idea of the thread and to answer Chhi'mèd more directly:
How exactly do you see the dominate force affecting the opponent? How would you see a power differential as being the studd of aiki? Some may wonder and equate it with the effect of using muscle or MMA skills, sicne their predominate repsonse may be to blend and move out of the way.
Do you suppost that if I attacked you you could blend and take me or control me? How would that be different then what you do now?
How is this control of forces beffiting of aiki? Say if you throw a punch or try to grab me?.
Your friend was experienced in tuning MMAers-including one who appeared on the UFC, how did you perceive affecting his movement when he tried to enter for a throw?
Have you formed any opinions of your own about how can truly transform your own Aikido™ and make it very potent as a martial art?

Really this is open to Mark, Ron, Chris anyone who has gone to train with various people and may have thoughts on how this would effect their Aikido™-hopefully both in attack ro defense. How do you see it as making a change in connection values-for you?

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