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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

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If that were all of it, why then do you suppose, some are seeing a difficulty in "doing" while doing Aikido™? Some to the point that they felt it necessary to leave for a while?

I find this intriguing on a couple of levels and have some opinions of my own since 18 years ago I was one of you, and felt I had to leave to develop before I could come back. Rather state my experiences and opinions just yet I'd love to hear others opinions about what is happening in their bodies, and how it is affecting both them and their training partners..
Do you suppose, that as your body changes, you will continue to do waza the same?
Have you considered the effect your training may have in your body in later stages in regards to just how you an uke will interact?
In the first six months, I felt little to no change. I wasn't sure anything was working differently. In 6-9 months, there were moments of "huh" (sorry, inside joke). There were times when things worked very differently. Like say, standing with your back to a wall and having a person push directly on your chest with full force and not feeling it. Then having four more people line up behind the first and they're all pushing and you aren't feeling it. But, you can't step forward off the wall yet. In 9 months-1 year, there was a jump in strangeness. Taking a full force nikkyo and not feeling it yet being light footed and able to move rapidly. These are just a few examples.

I'm working on not having any wrist lock work on me. And if I accomplish that, how can I ever go back to viewing those locks the same? There will be no pain compliance nor control of my center through the locks. So, no, I will not continue to do waza the same. That's a given.

Later stages? I try not to dwell too much on that. I'm already grumbling enough.
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