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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
If an officer wishes to make his life better in general, to become a better person who is more centered, then Aikido is probably a good path. In order to do that though, he must first survive some of the terrible things which will confront him. Aikido can certainly help in that regard. Aikido is an effective art for police service in most respects and is far better than anything we teach in the academies. It simply isn't enough for most of us and we need at least some exposure to other arts as well. Ground fighting (Gracie BJJ) and some striking art are valuable additions. I think that in the hands of a superb practitioner, a Ledyard, an Ikeda, a Koga, Aikido is enough. For most of us Officer Lunchboxes, we need a little more. Assuming a thirty year career, about the time we get really, really good at Aikido, we leave for the proverbial rocking chair.

All that being said, Aikido is a terrific skill for police agents here in the West and I wish more officers could train regularly in the art. I know for sure that I would have been a far better deputy sheriff had I been able to train in Aikido during my career for many reasons.
I also agree that the kind of balance in training that you are suggesting is probably best.


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