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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Hi Dennis
I long ago gave up. I've worked on it with two engineers I see often, who are stumped. One of whom told me what I was doing should be impossible. Both of whom go off on tangents way over my head. So I can track with you there. They can neither do, or explain what I do. I can do what I do and teach what I do, but I can't model it or explain it mathematically, nor do I care to. Even with one of them being shown to actually do some things to absorb forces, he was still at a loss, but was having fun doing it. He understood the door graphic with the pivot, and could explain it. He just couldn't figure out the spine and how it was supported. And the door model with the central ball bearing left him stumped.

What is more compelling and down right hilarious to me is to have people actually start doing it themselves.
We have three standard comments repeated often. Visitors are sure to say one, two ro all three.
1. What the F#$# is that?
When they feel us and how we move.
2. But I didn't do anything!
When they do things for the first time.
3. How come people don't know this stuff?
Typically said after a long training session.

I have had all three of them written in Kanji to place them on the wall, so we can point, but no one will know until we tell them which one they just said.
I don't think, in over 200 students that math could have or would have helped. Oh were it so easy....."Here see the math, just do that!"

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