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Re: Is Aikido effective for police?

Listen, I know others have said this somewhere. At least I remember reading it......But I'd like to go there for a second.

Police have some of the highest rates of divorce, drug addictions, domestic abuse,anger management problems, and other demon-like forces than any of our public servants/warriors. So the idea of what is 'effective' for them immdiately turns to what is 'effective in assisting them maintain balance' in such an unbalanced occupation. When aikido is offered there are suddenly middle choices, humane choices, and emotionally sustainable choices offered. There are then relatable skills to an effective life offered, which supports our officers in the field and at home and in the heart. This is very great when combined with all the other defense skills officers are trained in; which I also advocate for.
I'd like to keep this general at the moment but I would be willing to go into details of what I've seen in officer training in another post.
I simply want to put out that there are many dimensions to being 'effective' and self-defending.
And if any of you know if George Sensei is out there watching threads, maybe we can get him to comment here. I'd love to be further educated and to hear what he has to say.

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