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Brian Vickery
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Re: Aikido IS Self Defense

Originally posted by DavidM

Well...tell me what you think on this subject...I'd love to sit and pick ya'lls brains...
Hello David,

To me, 'Self Defense' is a strategy, philosophy and mind-set, which includes many factors: awareness, avoidance, verbal de-escalations skills, and as a LAST resort, physical force.

There are many definitions of self defense, but the one I follow is: "I'll do whatever I have to do to get home safe!" If my awareness & avoidance skills are up, I won't be an easy target. If I do get in a confrontation with somebody, I'll use my verbal skills to try and talk my way out of it. If the situations turns physical, I'll employ my aikido skills to get me home with as little damage to myself as I possibily can.

So, I do see aikido as being a 'part' of the self defense equation, but it's not all enclusive's just a tool in my toolbox, hopefully one I'll never have to use!

Just my slant on this!


Brian Vickery

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