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'Honorary' dan ranking.

How do you feel about peoole being awarded an honorary dan ranking? I guess this question could be extended to any ranking, kyu or dan, that is honorary.
I have been curious about this 'honorary' thing, since an incident occured in our dojo a short time ago. About a year ago, one of our senior memembers (and by senior I mean age) was awarded his shodan. This was not too much of a problem until recently when his actions had a negative result in our club. Irregular attendance and physical limitations cause his technique to suffer, but he seems oblivious to that fact. Recently, he pulled a lady aside who was new to aikido (testing the aikido waters, if you will), to give her some personal instruction. Needless to say, his personal attention resulted in scaring her away. I want to add add two bits of info which might help the discussion: one, her leaving was the result of our honorary dan, as she told me directly. And two, circumstances prevented our sensei (and other senior memembers) from intervening until it was too late.
So, my opinion of honorary rankings at this point is not very high. In addition to my first question, could anyone tell me if honorary ranking is common place? Are there any positive stories of individuals who've received honorary rank?

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