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Bruce Baker
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Width and length

As one of the wider people who do Aikido and try to get uniforms to fit, just 6foot tall with 52 chest and 42-44 belly, I have the worst time getting judo uniforms to shrink into a comfortable size. Sure, for about six months they shrink just over one size and fit ... until I continue to throw it in the dryer and it shrinks until it is a large medium?

Well, I should know better being familiar with the many materials in the marine industry used for fabrics, covers, sails, and a whole host of applications in boats under the salt and sun conditions of the Atlantic Ocean.

Most expensive judo uniforms have spec's as to the shrinkage, and many are indeed preshrunk so they do not shrink more than one size after purchase, but most of us with a chest over 48 inch's still have problems with double extra large sizes that have to be tailored to fit.

Rule of thumb for cheaper uniforms is two sizes bigger, never put in the dryer to dry.
Although, a couple of times does bring the threads into a tigher weave, cool air, or cold air tumble is the only setting that should be used, and with other clothing in the dryer.

The better uniforms will shrink less, but in my case with a tall body and shorter arms and legs, I still have to modify the legs and sleeves.

There is nothing so funny as getting a picture of you in your new uniform, then six month later it is three sizes smaller barely crossing at your belly with your hairy chest distracting your training partner?

I know when we were in Karate, we would buy uniforms two sizes bigger to shrink them into the proper size, and starch them to make them snap when we punched or kicked. They were black though ... funny, the black doesn't shrink as much as the white uniforms?

Oh well, check out the specifications of the material, allowing the greater volume of cotton to shrink two sizes, and the blends to shrink at least one size. If you want your Judo top to tighten in weave, and it is cotten, I have two that have shrunk two and a half sizes. I guess it is time to donate them to guys with 42-44 inch chests or smaller in the dojo again.

Pay attention to the blend of materials, it will make the difference in the shrinkage.
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