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Tongue Aikido IS Self Defense

I've been doing a lot of reading lately about O Sensei and his teachings, and also some things he did to play with peoples minds. But the most common thing asked is, "Is Aikido a real Self Defense MA?" I know, cause I too asked this question to my Sensei. Well here's my take on's long, but interesting...

In Aikido we are taught strikes, which relate to the movements of the sword...but they don't really count as punches do they? We are not taught kicks, and very rarely are we taught how to "Defend" against them. With this is mind...we don't do any hitting do we? We do atemi, but does that really count? So ...we learn to defend against all of that itself not a "Self Defense"?

When O Sensei did his traveling, he was once ambushed by 4 or five guys with wooden guns...little to say that they all went flying through the air, and never attacked him again. When he trained, he always told his students to punch, or kick him, or do what they can...and they ALWAYS went into the air...doesn't that make it a "Self Defense" MA? Aikido was taught to the Japanese military and is still taught to there police officers....but in the military it is taught to "Kill or be Killed"...doesn't that make it an effect art?

I guess the ultimate question is...if O Sensei was still alive ...would you attack him?

So many of us Aikidoka question the art and it's effectiveness...why? I know I know you all are going to say, "You're not supposed to fight" or "If you wanted to learn to fight take TKD" but I honestly don't think none of you took, or take Aikido because it's good for your body...and you will pay X amount to recieve this body conditioning alone. If that was the case I'd tell you to take Yoga.

Well...tell me what you think on this subject...I'd love to sit and pick ya'lls brains...

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