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Rocky Izumi
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Re: 90 Degree and Behind Principle

I want to thank all you folks who bought the first DVD on Kamae. The proceeds were just used buy 20 rubber tatami for the dojo in Jamaica and they were sent down there last week. The folks in Jamaica were working off of four old tatami with holes in them for the longest time. Now, with the help of Mike Ellefson of the Aikido Bukou Dojo in Minnesota and their donation of 10 mats from the benefit seminar and the 20 mats from the sale of the first Aikido Principles DVD, they have 30 mats to start up a real dojo. We expect them to be moving in to their new location in the next few weeks.

Again, thanks to you all, the Jamaican Aikido Federation has a real chance at good strong practice. If you ever get a chance to go down to visit around Kingston Jamaica, make sure you visit them and teach a class at their new Spanish Town dojo. I am sure they will appreciate all you have done for them and would welcome your visit with open arms and great jerk.

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