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Re: Power and Compassion

I'm not saying aikido is DEVOID of ANY compassion.

How about this, a while back I was at a seminar. At the end of the seminar I witnessed a 6th dan have a temper tantrum at some 4th kyu guy who got confused and put away one of the mats in the wrong truck.

I'm talking about that sort of BS.

Another story, some senior gets up from his chair to go to the bathroom at an aikido party. Some junior walks in the room, sees an empty chair and sits down. The senior comes out of the bathroom and proceeds to yell at the guy for taking his chair.

I don't care what this person knows. I don't care if he can cut through 3 inch trees with a tooth pick, someone like that should NOT be teaching because they cannot control themselves.

Now aiki is more accessible. We can produce more people with expert power who may be asked to be teachers or assistant teachers. The system probably needs some help in making better choices.

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