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Re: Power and Compassion

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Why in the future? Why not now? Why the dearth of "internal skills"?

You can probably just look at most of the "ki tests" that are in some of the Tohei books and maybe (let's assume you can) do all of them easily now. How long has "This is Aikido" been out? 1968.

So why in the future? What happened to the now? How much good did all the compassion do most people in Aikido in the last 40 years??? It's an interesting topic.
I understand your point about a frustration with "the aiki-dark ages" but it IS being corrected now. We are going through an "aiki renaissance" and it will be a while before what I suggested can happen.

And my point about that is that it is a foregone conclusion that it WILL BE addressed. I'm just looking to address the problems that will NOT just automatically take care of themselves.

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