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Re: Power and Compassion

Hey Ron,

I specifically tried to move the discussion to different thread where we had been discussing such things. Then it went to a thread of its own and that's probably better.

We can get all caught up in the lack of compassion someone has who is actively decieving their students OR the potential lack of compassion someone has who is stubbornly refusing to investigate the direct aiki skills which you can make a case about do their students a disservice, or whatever other flavor, but that wasn't my point becuase there is ALREADY a system in place to address that - we call them "open invitation seminars". If in the not too far future you show up to a seminar and everyone at the other school has internal skills beyond your current shihan the message will be clear. And if not, then well ignorance is bliss.

Ron and I seem to be splitting hairs about you having the perception of someone being a "jerk" when they are really only demonstrating harsh/fierce compassion (Jesus storming at the temple). First, anyone demonstrating that brand of compassion knows that they are at risk of being thought of as a "jerk" and they already accept that. Anyone reading the results of a bunch of juniors -who all missed that distinction- rating a senior is supposed to be able to see through that.

There is the other side of this in that many people were abused to at least SOME degree and that they just cannot emotionally handle that so they find some way to make it okay with themselves - like "it was for my own good."

I wrote previously that if some guy had women issues that maybe he should only teach men - I would like to take that back. If he has such obvious issues, he shouldn't be teaching at all.

Remember I'm only looking for a system to help avoid us getting any more TEACHERS with more power than compassion (or lack of TRUE JERKINESS).

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