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R.A. Robertson
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Re: The 2nd Scout Law


I really appreciate you sharing your situation. I would be very eager to hear how things have gone for you, such as you feel comfortable divulging.

I hope sincerely that by now you have found your way back into practice, and that you find it rewarding.

Please remember that a dojo is not a sanctuary. Though it may provide refuge from time to time, and though it certainly should foster health, it's real purpose is to study and experience conflict.

In nature, all growth is through division, yet unity remains. What your dojo is/was going through sounds very common, very normal. It's our actions that point toward or away from health.

From your message, it sounds as if you've made a conscious decision to be a part of the system that is health-giving. There's no better aikido than that, and it's what our studies should be about.


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