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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

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As you're aware (or aware in the past, but seem to have forgotten) Abe Sensei openly stated that there were parts of the training and rituals that O-Sensei did not show him. Your claim for Abe as being the only person qualified to teach O-Sensei's misogi is your own claim, not Abe Sensei's.

Mike Sigman
Once again, Mike, you have misread and misquoted me. I clearly said, IN MY OPINION, Abe Sensei is the only person qualified to teach it. I did not say Abe Sensei said he is the only one qualified. Of course, you are didn't come out and say it, but are you implying that there is someone else that is qualified? Or is this merely a case of you, once again saying, "Mikey don't need no Misogi, everything the same."

Oh, and since you are all about stating facts and citing references, for once please give us the exact citing where Abe Sensei says, O-Sensei didn't show me the "X" of the misogi-no-gyo he refined and transmitted. PLEASE!!!!!!

Best of luck...


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