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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Do you test like this?

At that time, I WAS training an average of 5 days a week...sometimes six. Believe me, it wasn't like I hadn't been training a LOT before the test.
So, what happened, then? Did you sorta' choke, or what? How did you come to be testing? Was this your decision or your teacher's?
A combination of things, I think.

a) I had tested for the "shihan" before, because he always came for the kyu tests...but this was for 3rd kyu, which in that school is the first level of brown belt. Thus the first level of higher expectation.

b) I had expressed some interest in teaching, thus the 2nd level of higher expectation.

c) I choke a lot on tests. of any kind, more so now that I am older.

d) At brown belt, all the waza are called in Japanese.

e) It was a decision reached by my immediate teacher and myself together. We both thought I was ready...but please also understand that in the Doshinkan, failing a test is certainly not unheard of, and I'd say it is not unusual to fail at least one test along the way. I think in some sense, it may be a test in and of do you handle failure? Are you encouraged, or discouraged? Do you train more and prepare, or do you say "ah forget about it?" I think these are important things that someone will never know if they don't go through the experience.

One thing guaranteed in will fail sometime. How will you handle it?

Oh, did I mention I choke a lot on tests??


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