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Re: Do you test like this?

Well, in my case, I wasn't so much concerned about *never* repeating the experience. I was concerned about living up to my instructors expectations of me. He made it clear that my test wasn't a failure in his eyes...but simply that he expected more of *me*. His respect of me and what he thought I could do was my motivator. To me, that is an important distinction that I should have expressed more clearly before.
I was concerned about not repeating my poor performance for more or less the same reasons you've expressed above (except it was the respect of my shihan and not my teacher I was wishing to retain).

Well, to me the whole experience was quite positive. Because of what I said above.
Yup. I got that. I refer to it as a "negative experience" insofar as you did not meet the expectations of your teacher and did not initially pass the test. I understand that in the final analysis the experience as a whole was a good one.

At that time, I WAS training an average of 5 days a week...sometimes six. Believe me, it wasn't like I hadn't been training a LOT before the test.
So, what happened, then? Did you sorta' choke, or what? How did you come to be testing? Was this your decision or your teacher's?

I guess embarrassment avoidance is just pretty low down the hierarchy of needs for me when it comes to testing. I think because I tend to embarrass myself so much in daily life!
Ah. I see.

Take 'er easy!

"Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend."
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