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Re: Long road vs short road to ki power (aiki, internal strength...)

Ron Ragusa asked: Do you feel that it's important for your students to have the time grow into their power in a responsible manner?

Mark Murray's answer (I chopped it a bit): This is Budo. The time, training, etc are dependent on both teacher and student. It isn't a one package fits all. This isn't spiderman and great power=great responsibility. That's a comic, this is real life. /

My opinion on that is that I'm not sure that the lesson from the comic books doesn't apply to real life. I would imagine that the humanity touched in the story is part of what sells the comic books.

I basically responded to this already with:
More depth faster challenges me to grow emotionally faster. // With the more depth faster approach I cannot BS myself as well due to being confronted with much more direct challenges. Less depth over a longer period of time doesn't seem a logical approach towards helping with such things if you ask me.// .. // more depth faster just seems to go to the natural conclusion - if you are nervous about people with less compassion than power attaining even more power - you might want to jump on the band wagon and make sure you have enough power to protect yourself.//

However, I have always thought that it seems like there should be some sort of "helpfulness karma". Let's face it, being a jerk to your juniors tends to go unnoticed as long as the seniors asses are properly kissed. (This happens indirect approach to aiki, so I assume as the direct approach is brought to the masses it will continue to happen.)

Gentile compassion (I don't mean "stupid compassion" ) as well as harsh/fierce compassion (Jesus storming at the temple) are both SORELY needed. That requires judgement. It occurs to me that the only way to encourage that effectively is to have another feedback system like "social ukemi". Juniors in general should be the people with less power and therefore their combined feedback should be a more accurate gauge. (If someone is not being too compassionate with me and I have a ton more power than they have I really might not notice all that much.) Aiki power is the ultimate leverage. People who are going to be jerks, will have to train themselves to stop outwardly displaying their jerkiness if they want to attain more "power".

I would suspect that if we were to implement such a system we would find that some folks will get wonderful reviews from all of the men, and terrible reviews or just "no reviews" from any of the women in class. The problem of course is that once you try to set up such a system it is automatically going to be co-opted and corrupted. But I wonder if there is a way to tie in such a feedback system into a new ranking system specially for teaching authority. Like this guy is allowed to teach - but only men because he obviously still hates his mom and is still trying to work that out.

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