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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
As I was driving this morning it occured to me that maybe some men have a hard time understanding that strong internal skills can come from softness and co-operative training because they have never given birth.

Now before you get all pissy about this....think about the focused, centered power of bearing a is incredible...never having felt this I can see where some men and some women who have not had children can doubt the power of softness, determination, nature and focus.

Just some random thoughts.....what do you think?
Ok, I want to respond directly to Mary,instead of those others who responded. I don't know of any men who have had children! Just some good natured rubbing. I respect your incredible experience of childbirth, and I see how you are relating that to "the power of softness, determination, nature and focus." That is yours. Kudos to you for that exprience. Though don't you think it maybe a bit unfair to women Aikidoka who don't want or can't have children (and men who can't give birth) that they will never have the understanding internal skills? Isn't there other ways of gaining these internal skills by the doubting men and women you mentioned, are they doomed to never have internal skills?

No offense, but I am not sure what your saying. I feel out of respect to ask you.

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