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Like John, I wear my clothes loose, so the few times I've trained in jeans and shirts it didn't feel much different to me (once I fogot Gi pants, the rest were during school break so we trained outside the locked gym). What I did find helpful about it, though, was seeing my teacher in jeans. I finally figured out what my hips (my most often forgotten body part) were supposed to be doing for one exercise z9that still otherwise eludes me)...

At the time, I was still having trouble keeping my belt tied (wearing the male judo top at the time, my belt would shift off my hips to a much narrower waist, come loose, and fall off regularly during class). My teacher was using me as uke to demo irimi nage, and as he bent me backwards, my leather belt slipped out of my jeans loop and srung open. Looking down at it, he dryly commented that even in street clothes I couldn't keep my belt on.
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