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Re: Do you test like this?

I am very much opposed to the idea that a student finds out when they test if they are good enough to pass. By that I mean, a student should be testing because they are well able to test, not because they are only just able to do so.

I read an article some time ago where a very senior judo teacher (in Japan, if I remember correctly) was talking about how he tested students to new ranks. In particular I remember his comments about how a test ought to increase confidence and thus increase ability. He remarked that, if the test was done at the right time in the right way, a student who beforehand had never been able to defeat certain other students would suddenly be doing so regularly, not because his skill had improved, but because his confidence in his skill and his belief, born of his test, that he could win gave him the impetus to do so. I thoroughly agree that boosting confidence should be a major goal in the testing of any student. Any test that diminishes a student's confidence and that requires the student test again for the same rank ought not to have happened in the first place. For such an unfortunate occurrence, the fault should lie primarily with the teacher, not the student, however.

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