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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

William Hazen wrote: View Post
The invitation to my Dojo was not in any way shape or form a challenge but simply asking permission for you to share what you know with a group of willing and eager students. If you still don't trust what I am saying then I humbly refer you to a prior post by me here where I link to a Sister Dojo in Berlin Germany where they are also studying IMA for the purpose of making thier expression of Shoji Nishio's Aikido better.
William, I think an invitation to your dojo still evades the point. And let me not that I can think of a number of posts of yours where you've bragged on AikiWeb and Aikido Journal about how people visit your dojo and how poor they look in comparison, yada, yada, so the dojo comments you set yourself up for. Other people have noticed that same sort of smuggery in your posted comments (and commented to me about it), so I don't think you should dissemble too much about why you invite people to your dojo.

My point is that if you can drop "IMA", like you just did above in your quote, and you can talk about how it is practiced in your very dojo, there's logically nothing wrong with asking you to explain what you mean. The vague phrases "Misogi", "Tenkan", etc., are pretty obviously not to the point of the asked questions.

These things are all the same thing. The evasions and personal attacks when asked direct questions are one of the curious responses I've seen on this forum when someone doesn't really know the subject. That's why discussions on these internal topics get stymied... there's a certain group of people who want to insist that they know, teach, and are familiar with these things, but they too obviously can't factually support their discussion. Take a look at Shaun's post (a couple back from this one) and notice the immediate recourse to personal attack. That's part of the stuff that makes so many of us tired of portions of the Aikido community.

Incidentally, as a side note about how protective a lot of "sensei's" are about their status and how they'll play the "I know it, too" game even when it's become obvious that they don't really understand the topic.... this is why I tend to be selective about who gets on the QiJin list. The last thing I want to do is to provide ammunition (through what people post on QiJin) to some "sensei" who will simply turn around and use the information to draw students and notice to himself. These issues should be fairly clinical discussions without the constant resorting to esoterica, personal accomplishment, personal attack, and pseudo-spirituality. It's the game-playing that keeps the martial arts bogged down in the trenches.


Mike Sigman
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