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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
But isn't this a simple deflection, William, once again? Let me emphasize the once again part because there are a few posters who talk ambiguously, but with insistence, that they share the same views, etc. Logically it would seem that if the same "ki" is being talked about, that means the poster must be able to understand the conversation from the original poster. Hmmmm. What I don't get is the "we're doing the same stuff and I understand 'it' as you describe it, but I can't describe it". A conundrum indeed.
It's not a conundrum for me... I am attempting to make a connection with (folks like) you in my own (clumsey way) and you are simply refusing it. Pretty simple really.

But what bothers me most is the idea (which you've floated before) that the topic cannot be engaged except in some sort of personal trial at your dojo.
This is similar to a current poster who wants to see videotapes of everyone in combat, talk about his income and college degrees, etc. I.e., "what has this got to do with the topic at hand?". This is not the "Tao that can be named is not the Tao"... this is the baby steps to the Tao (it really is, BTW) and it can certainly be discussed functionally. If you want to see some drawings from Chinese and Japanese showing diagrams very similar to the ones I've used on this forum, let me know. The idea that a person who knows can't articulate the basics does not stand up except within a group who simply doesn't know the basics.
Sorry Mike but again you're looking at what I am saying through a very screwed up set of filters. You seem to be looking for and creating conflict with me by associating me with someone else who has a dispute with you...I have done nothing but honor you and what you know and I am eager to learn from it. I respect everything you have to say on the subject too.

Please with all due respect Sifu Sigman

Drop the Rock...

I gotta say that I'm a little disappointed with some of the levels of debate that I've encountered by too many "spiritual" people, in my life. And trust me, I don't have that attitude simply because I've never broken heads.


Mike Sigman
Sorry you feel that way about some spiritual people Mike...They don't sound so spiritual to me...How I fit inside that bias does not interest me either. Thats your deal... Again one more time... I respect and honor your experiance and what you have to offer and I hope to learn from it. The invitation to my Dojo was not in any way shape or form a challenge but simply asking permission for you to share what you know with a group of willing and eager students. If you still don't trust what I am saying then I humbly refer you to a prior post by me here where I link to a Sister Dojo in Berlin Germany where they are also studying IMA for the purpose of making thier expression of Shoji Nishio's Aikido better.

Anyone else who shows up to teach us will get the very same respect and friendly atmosphere in the spirit of love and harmony. We only ask that you leave your ego at the door in the same bag we leave ours in before we bow and enter.


William Hazen

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