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Re: Do you test like this?

Well, I would suggest this is not a thread on the performance of the test-taker and/or any trend he may or may not represent.

I was wondering how folks felt about an apparent loss of "intimacy" that was at one time, or that at least could be, present between a practitioner, his/her art, his/her mentor, and the personal experience of progress.

Is there anything missing, anything of value, when we go from a place where one's progress (or lack of progress) was as obvious to the mentor as it was to everyone, such that little had to be said or done to mark it, TO being judged by 12 people all dressed the same in a gym of industrial design. I personally feel something great, many great things, are missing when we learn to do without the intimacy between mentor and apprentice that should be present (whenever one is training the spirit, in an art, etc.).

I remember back when I used to attend tests, etc., and there was always that "mandatory" phrase that testing board members had to say: "I really enjoyed your test..." Just once, I wanted to hear someone say, "Man, I hated watching you..." Not so much to hear some possible honesty, but just to know that folks present were alive, not robotic. I hoped for something different, a change of pace, the way you look for something to move to know it is still living when it's just lying there and looking like its life has departed.

David M. Valadez
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