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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

I am interested in what would persuade you Erick? For me I have to go visit the person myself. One touch and I know whether I need to stay for the rest of the class and explore further. If he were selling snake oil I would have posted that because I LOVE aikido and I REALLY HATE people who sell snake oil in aikido's name because I had a bit of my life energy (almost completely) wasted when I was much younger.

If someone I find reasonably informed and has a credible background has been persuaded of something I'm willing to re-consider my views and open myself up to the possibilities. I believe that was what Dan was looking to find out - have other people re-considered their ideas at all given the spread of "trust" / "witness" growing in this aikiweb community.

As an aside, that has been the majority of what Gleason sensei teaches. Never to get too comfortable with what you think yo know. That's not going to make him extremely popular but so be it. He'll sweep the rug out from underneath me as often as I can handle. (Got to love that.) Obviously, not a lot of people are trained that way - and many run screaming from such things, so my expectations are a bit low unless people start getting hands on.

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