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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power


Controlling nature and other people is an illusion for the most part.
Controlling ourselves is not - that seems to be your delusion if I'm reading your expressed thoughts correctly.
Aiki skills are about the latter primarily not so much about the former. The confusion is that for example if someone pushes into you stupidly going against the nature of things to try to control you - then in truly controlling yourself they get controlled. Once that is established, they become part of you and then of course you can control them. If you do that with tricks, and movement muscles primarily then your control will not be nearly as profound as compared to using uncommon body structure developed as "aiki" - which can be thought of internal physical harmony that extends into and encompasses others who are attacking you. That be can trained much more directly than we typically do in aikido or more and more indirectly. ( If you don't believe me gab my wrist. ) If giving birth helps women mentally touch some internal harmony image - I can see it aiding and helping to some degree. (I'm working hard here to tie these things together. It's like a lateral thinking exercise.)

I don't see how physics describes the effect of mental intentions so well. I sincerely doubt that Osensei (please drop the O' thing because he wasn't Irish) thought in those terms. Nothing about his or his DR teachers histories or reputations sends me the message "nerd". We use math and physics to try to approximate, predict, and prepare for reality. Not everyone works that way. I doubt gymnasts are working out the physics of their events. The best ones are learning imagery. Nerds may study them, but I doubt any of them would be more successful if they worked out some equations regarding their Olympic performances.

That was the thing about getting those Russian Olympic coaches over here so we could start winning. The big secret was that they used imagery in their training/coaching.

My feeling about aiki is that you need imagery AND you need to feel someone who already has this developed AND direct solo exercises for fastest results. You have to put in the work.


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