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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Sounds like you and I at least are on the same page Erick. I don't want to mis-represent Dan here. He takes this stuff way beyond where I have tried to tie in to some basic warm ups and waza I would normally otherwise be somewhat "sleeping" through.

I showed Dan how I normally handled ushiro ryotetori, and he very kindly showed me how I didn't need to play wristy-twisty aikido games - and instead showed me this level of a more internally powered/structured approach (I am quite sure he has several levels beyond that). I really liked it because it blew my mind. It broke many of the "rules" I taught my own students in the past - like avoid letting someone grab you on a 90 degree angle (where they can face you and you cannot face them). Things like that stopped mattering (_so much_ for my skill level),

I love things like that that blow my mind and make me totally re-evaluate my "rules". In a mythological sense, Dan represents an aikido "monster" who I have to grow to deal with.

But please remember the source here. I'm a relatively new yondan (so fairly strong sandan) which puts me at generally solid with okay harmonizing skills - and I can only speak to these aiki skills applied to aikido as a total "" beginner.

My opinion is you get a much better feel for this stuff when you apply it outside of aikido waza (where I'm less "comfortable").

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