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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power


Internal power, or what ever other label you give it, is a result of the laws of science studying the nature of things applied to martial arts. "Internal power" is a word, is a term, is a label used by ancient martial artists to describe the use of the laws of nature as a way to defeat the unwitting enemy more effectively. Without the enemy figuring it out- see it coming. And the idea of internal power is over-rated, hyped and used as a marketing tool. That is what has become a large part of today's martial arts is to attract students to the dojo, so you say you got something the other guys don't. What ever internal power is, it is linked to the laws of physics, the laws of nature. It is using physics to the fullest, applying it to fighting. Internal power is associated by so many people to be something magical or supernatural which it isn't, but makes for good story telling.

Internal power is physics that was discovered and applied to fighting by those who in the modern world would be today's nerds. It was the edge over those who didn't get it. Today, there are those like O'Sensei who mastered internal power better then most. He understood how to use physics to his advantage. Understanding how to use physics in terms of martial arts is internal power. That is why O'Sensei was so skilled at his waza, the reason why he was heads and tails above the rest. He figured it out, and figuring it out is internal power. That is why we all don't understand it, cause we haven't figured it out.

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