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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

I'm not an expert but I can touch on this a bit.

When I do rowing, my intention is going opposite of my physical movement.

When I do any of the standing while trunk twisting warm-ups, I keep my spine in the middle and my hips and nose continue to point the same direction while I move my upper trunk around my spine by accessing "windings" from my opposite thighs and/or feet.

When I do undefuri (no idea if that is romanized correctly - the one where your arms are out like a helicopter and you do 180 degree spins). I now work the "upper cross" while I do it (and some of the trunk windings as well). Same for some ushiro tekubitori kokyunages when my grabbed hand starts out below my belt.

I practice "aiki-age" during ushiro tekubitori kokyunages when my grabbed hand starts out above my belt. (Think instant ikkyo effect on the initial grab with no movement that I am aware of on my part.)

When I am grabbed katatetori, I practice "center on contact" using good structure/intentions and the "trunk windings around the spine" (a.k.a"central pivot").

I'm not good enough to go into much useful detail. My opinion is that even Dan and Mike's words will be empty unless you feel it directly yourself.

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