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Re: Long road vs short road to ki power (aiki, internal strength...)

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Hi Shaun,

I would like to draw your attention to the bottom of a recent post of mine:

My opinion can be swayed.

Hi Rob,

I hadn't read that specific post of yours. However, I would have included you in on the group of people I would have said already understands the value of Misogi-no-Gyo. At least as far as how it relates to understanding O-Sensei's art without necessarily having any substantial instruction by Abe Sensei, or the like, or substantial shared practice with someone like myself or any of the other of his soto-deshi. I mean, I have no practical understanding of IMA, DRAJ, Anukai, or the like, but I can certainly see the benefit to putting in substantial efforts along any of those lines as a way of obtaining both specific and desired martial results. More than likely I will spend time in some or all of those areas in about ten years or so when I can focus on them in a sincere way that honors both the instructor I choose to study with and the art form which they represent. In any case, I have always been and still am more than willing to work with you or anyone else for that matter who chooses to contact me. I would gladly spend any amount of time someone might choose to dedicate - be that a day, a weekend or a life time, should they find me, my understanding and my way to be of any real value to their own path. I alway enjoy shainge what I have come to appreciate following my own path seeking to understand O-Sensei's Aikido. Different people will vibe well with different things. YMMV - but not being able to receive, process or understand something that comes our way does not, in itself invalidate the thing.


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