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Mark Gibbons
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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
.... It takes a certain level to be able to really appreciate *how* good someone/something is, even in person. I really hope you don't take that as a dig at you, but more of a confirmation of what you were saying.

... We've met a couple times and plan to get together more as our schedules permit. Again, that's not to diminish you (or him!) or what you're saying here, but if anything, to confirm what you're getting at.

... /shameless plug off
Yes, I think you got what I was trying to say. I'm glad you and him got together. Lots of stuff from Mr. Popkin's seminar came back to our classes. We get a fair amount of push hands and Tai Chi influence also.

I'll try to make it to a couple of your classes, should be fun.

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