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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Ignatius Teo wrote: View Post
Thanks, William Michael (coindentally, also my son's name)...

I dunno... it's too vague for me and sounds too much like the off-repeated mantra of keep training hard and one day you'll get it. Perhaps you could be a little more specific?
Ok Let me give it a try...

I have a couple of problems jiving with your explanation:
1. "Completely relaxed", to me, is an oxymoron... when I'm completely relaxed (a couple of cones would do that nicely)... I'm pretty much legless and useless. So how do I remain "completely relaxed" without going off into la-la land?
Ok I will give this a shot despite the sarcasm which I will pass off as being due to my limited articulation on the topic.

The next time you do randori or aliveness training try if you can to note where the muscle tension is in your movement. Is it in your upper body or arms. Do you find your self pushing through a throw ending up with your hips back and your head forward? Perhaps it may be better to check this and see first

2. How do I "breathe thru my whole being"? What does that mean? What's involved?
Ahhh I think I mentioned Misogi

I don't know...It's what O'Sensei did and it seemed to have helped him. We don't have it as a regular part of our practice but I notice those who practice some type of Misogi seem to be more relaxed.

I have been practicing Zen for the last 20+ years or so and that personally helps me too with my breathing.

3. OK, assuming that I can somehow "completely relax" and can "breathe thru my whole being", and my opponent and I are One with the Universe (have another bong, bro)... where then does this "Power" (of Aikido) come from and how does it manifest itself?
"Have another bong bro" LOL...

You do practice Aikido right??? Are you telling me your never "felt" a physical connection with your Uke? Been too busy being focused on technique and imposing your will have you? Well one thing that is exciting about this whole IMA deal is the idea that what took me years to discover about Aiki Power can simply be practiced with a few basic exercises...and I am looking forward to learning them from these guys...

4. I ain't no spring chicken and I'm getting on in years... everything I do is physically exhausting... why, just walking up the stairs is enough to wear me out... so how can I apply Internal Strength™? Is there a way to learn AikiPower™ without being physically exhausted first?
See A & B above

5. What do you mean by "using your posture and center properly"? Can you be more specific?
Sure but it will take a whole new post which I will have to get to later. Ask your Sensei about Shikko Dachi & Zengtsu Dachi...If your Sensei does not know what those mean... Then ask his Sensei If he/she doesn't know then I will try to explain it in a later post.

I guess what I'm asking is how do I get good at this Internal Strength™ in Aikido quickly? And how do I get "stronger", faster? Which I presume everyone else contributing and/or lurking would want to know as well.
I am afraid I can't help you there but I may be a bit confused by your question ( and heck I have not even had my bong hits for the day). Our Aikido and my experiance is that when done properly our expression of our Aikido not require you become progressivley stronger or faster. Our expression does not rely on this things. Shoji Nishio was your average height and weight for a Japanese person and handled men twice his size with ease. I personally found that very inspiring especially when I took Ukemi from him. The second he touched me my "power" simply left. I can't speak for the others here as far as internal strength goes which is why I look forward to learning from them. As for Nishio Shihan as far as i knw he shared everything he knew and focused on the proper expression of Aikido He had no secrets.

I see Rob L. has beaten me to it with his other thread... basically, I need you to fastrack me.... friend... pal... buddy... so I can practice Aikido™/ NOW and not when I'm physically exhausted, gasping for breath (yeah, I know I know... gotta give up those bongs) and at the point of keeling over from being completely relaxed.
I don't see how I can use the web to fast track you... but if you ever show up to class I can show you what limited experiance I have on the subject and I welcome the opportunity to meet another friendly face. Don't bring a bong however I have been clean and sober for 20 years. I have already used up my lifetime supply of bong hits.


Williamc Hazen

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