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Mark Gibbons
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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

[quote=Hunter Lonsberry;209448]Hi Mark,

I assume you attended the Seattle seminar?
For clarification, did you feel any difference between Ark/Rob and the participants? What sensations did you feel when you had the opportunity to touch any of the attendees or Ark/Rob? What exactly do you mean by solid?

Ark isn't exactly a huge guy. He weighs about 140lbs soaking wet!
Sure, technique is involved to a small extent, no one said zero technique happens, but it's more a result of a a trained skill in the body. So clearly when he does some of the demos with people who are coming up on double his weight, for example shiko (think sumo squat/stomps) with someone double his weight on his back something other than musculature or leverage must be going on.

Yes, Seattle. Yes, Rob and Ark felt different from the participants. I played with Jeremey and Chris a bit and they felt sort of in between Ark and some of the other folks. Sensations and solid - I'm not good at describing this. But if I try to move someone and I either bounce off or it feels like I'm pushing on a wall then something is happening that is different from them redirecting my force or moving out of the way.

I was impressed with many things about the seminar, the least with the "feats of awesomeness". In my opinion many of those were really well done uses of leverage, and no I'm not claiming I can do them. I think I understood enough about some of them to not be awestruck. Impressed, yes, they are good tricks. I left thinking people underestimated how much technique was involved in the tricks.

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