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Howard Popkin
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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?


Thanks ! It was a great seminar because it was a great group.

As you know, rank has very little to do with ability most cases.

Everyone else !

Roppokai Seminars - Most are welcome

1) Need ukemi
2) Need a good attitude
3) Need to like beer(optional but highly recommended for relaxation waza)

I usually don't focus on the internal stuff in public seminars, but I do show in slow-mo how we use the body aiki to create the technique. They don't work well without the body aiki. If you ask me, I might

I prefer not to be in these discussions about who has it and who doesn't. As soon as you grab someone who has a little of it, you will know:

a) Your neck usually snaps in a crazy whiplash-style motion
b) You feel like you fell into a vortex
c) The person doing the aiki can decide if you feel pain or just throw
d) If they decide on the pain, you will probably(very politely) ask them never to do it again
e) You balance is swept out from under you in a variety of different directions instantaniously.

If those things aren't happening, its a different type of technique. Not a bad one, just a different one.

Oh, also, the person doing the technique is relaxed, very soft, and not expending energy.

Hope that helps.

Be well,

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