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This is a side topic from the splintered aikido thread in General, but enough off topic that I thought I'd start another thread.

I've found that I'm guilty of some of the things that were brought up in that thread when discussing attitudes when visiting a dojo of a different style, or attending a seminar by someone also not of the "splinter" that I came from.

Specifically I find that I can be overly cooperative as uke when I'm not sure as to the type of training done there. I find it hard to find a balance between being too cooperative and irritating the person who I am training with. As it is their dojo I try to err on the former side.

Another fault that I've found myself guilty of in the past is doing techniques the way that I learned them instead of the way that it was demonstrated. This is due to a lack of attention on my part rather than an intentional "my way is better" attitude, but I could see how it could be interpreted as such. I appreciate it when an uke (whether they are junior or senior to me) points this out to me. I'd like to think that this is other's attitude as well. I just brought this up in hopes that Niadh might see this as another interpretation of what he/she saw.

How do you all handle these situations? Both as the one committing the heinous acts, and as one who is training with somebody showing these behaviours?

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