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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

I don’t know of anyone in California training this way. I know of one teacher who possesses some real skills, but I watched him “not teach” whole rooms full of people dozens of times. His students clearly express his ‘not teaching” teaching. Most of whom probably are convinced they ‘got it” too.

In keeping within the goals of the thread-why not ask the many who have gone to test those who train this way?
I see no value in giving details-which are usually debated ad nauseum and are just more grist for the mill, when I see dozens of people here already bearing witness to the fact that while they thought they "got it" from aikido-and could do these things or have them in their version of Aikido™, just like you do-they didn't.
With very few exceptions-all I have met have thought they were doing these things too and then had to retract that statement. None, meaning had anything even remotely resembling these levels of skills. Further they have openly stated while they felt things like it from their own teachers they remain convinced their own teachers would never stand a chance against the level of skill tested against the developed skills they felt from us amateurs. So why the debate and rehashing of requests and descriptions? For what purpose? It’s just more of the same to me. Give it a rest.
In light of all the conversations and witness accounts, going back to debating Rob, Mike or me, and asking for more descriptions and details, while also claiming you do them in your dojos is starting to sound rather silly-even desperate.

Now two years out and with hands on instruction and much detailed teaching those who have started to train this way are just starting to see changes in their bodies and practice. Continue monitoring and asking them, as I had hoped you would be doing in this thread. In the near future try to go learn from them. You will be behind and probably kicking yourself for not getting out earlier, but at least start! These people are going to become a new force in the arts.

Howard is in Florida occasionally. Why not go check him out and see what he does, show him what you can do. Maybe Howard will come back and tell us amazing things about Erik Mead. I find it extremely difficult to believe that someone like you, who claims these skills is in dojos and is not known. That's just too wierd. Something is wrong with that picture.

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