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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
You go find someone on a faster track and train with them.
Same way you go learn to play a piano. You go find a piano teacher. they probably couldn't explain how to play the piano in a thread online either. Anything they can write would be very low level.

Mike and Aukuzawa are having workshops. Dan teaches for free at his barn. I've read several posts where he has invited some individuals to go work out with him. He even offered to visit some people. Or if you just can't bring yourself out of your hometown - and you live somewhere near something that might be fun for a small child, you can wait a while for me to develop a bit more and I'll go visit your dojo and show you what I know. I love traveling on vacation.

I'm a couple hours from Disney Land.
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