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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power


Here is the best way I can relate these concepts for you.

internal - just means inside - as opposed to outside
power - is the ability to do, act, or produce

If you can produce a baby inside your body - that's well within the definition of internal power.
Doing that takes human energy. I'm assume that it is the same human energy that powers internal martial arts, sneezing, and everything else humans do.

Can some birth experience help a women access such human energy that it can be channeled into internal martial skills? It's a valid question. I don't know that answer.

In terms of physics:
power is work per time in units of watts or horsepower (or in this case humanpower)
work is energy transfered on an object (force times displacement) in terms of joules (newton meters)

So basically, the amount of "internal power" can be thought of as humanpower within the body
which means it is work done within the human body per time
which means it is force generated within the human body multiplied by how much displacement we can move things/people per time

and conversely - it must also be the stabilizing force.

I have found that I can generate more of that force by improving my structure and my mental intentions. It is soft power, and I can test it against some degree of uncooperative attackers.

Can a powerful birth experience help with some mental intention tie ins with stabilization and pushing an object out to internal martial skills? Maybe...

Does it mean a man cannot understand internal martial skills devoid of those birthing experiences - nope.

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