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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
I could I had prefaced this thread with parameters like Dan did with another thread.
It would have been to any women who have had a good experience with natural child birth and who have trained in Aikido for at least ten years...;o)
I'm in agreement that parameters are very much needed. But As I laid out upthread in that post that I'm sure most of the men here stopped reading at the first sentence . . . I think the parameters need way more limitation to something that has even a remote chance of linking these things, and then a woman who is accomplished in BOTH to talk about it.

IOW, I don't think that 10 years of aikido and "natural" birthing - as I distinguished as meaning drug-free but still an obstetrics model birth (that's not really natural, strictly speaking) - has the remotest chance of drawing any sort of legitimate correlations to each other.

10 years of aikido training does not magically bestow any knowledge of internal martial skill, and birthing without drugs does not mean that the mother experienced the generation of energy that I described upthread, that may have some relationship to the eventual developing of internal martial skills.

So my parameters, as I said in that really graphic post, would be a women who have credible internal martial skill against uncooperative attackers, *AND* who have had orgasmic birthing experiences, in which they generated power and energy throughout the birth process.

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