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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

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<snip>Bodhisattva way... Which in simple terms means in order to keep it one must give it away...In most of these discussions that genorosity of spirit is missing frankly... and thus it leads to folks getting bashed over the head by the IMA experts here and that is not in the the Aikido Spirit. <snip>
Well, as I recall it, the only time anyone gets "bashed over the head" is when they start making unfounded claims, and stuff that just smaks of being "wrong." Unfortunately, I strongly believe, like some others, its not a subject where you can say "Well this is my take on it."
These are physical concrete skills, and to that end they can be described to a degree. Actually I'd point out that when I first met Mike S. on this board, he had NO idea who I was, but my descriptions of certain mechanics were such that we hit it off (even with my understanding being as elementary as it is), and he didn't jump down my throat

Generosity? Most of the guys here with the skills have actually been pretty "giving" as far as simple how-to's and explanations, and who might be a good start in getting your foot to these things. Most of these suggestions have transcended styles if I recall correctly.

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