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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

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Wow... just wow... your google-fu is strong... now can you please explain in your own words, in Aikido terms that people here understand? * says with extra humility and a cherry on top *
Well here's a truth I have found in my own personal practice...

The Power of Aikido is best expressed when you are completely relaxed.. are breathing with your whole being... and have calmly accepted your opponent as a part of you....

The breath can be understood in one practice but can take along time to completely understand how to apply it depending on the desire of the student to practice it. O'Sensei practiced Misogi diligently everyday for sometimes hours on end

The relaxation "part" is the baseline for understanding how to use your entire body and your senses.The simplest way to learn how to practice Aikido is when you are physically exhausted... Then with proper guidance you will discover how useless pure physical effort is in Waza and may begin to experiance the first stages of how to relax under duress and blend with the energy of your opponent using your posture and center properly....Much to your surprise you may find your Atemi starts to be allot more effective and that you move more economically with less effort in blending with an attackers "intention."

Our Aikido's footwork and movement is radically different than either the Hombu or Iwama styles...We half step and use small circular blending movements which with good posture and breathing can generate tremendous power...We also give Uke several opportunities inside each "teachnique" to stop the fight and reconsider his actions...

There's a start for you my friend and I will gladly go from there when I get the chance....

William Hazen
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