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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
So Bill, why haven't you been one of the people explaining how all these things work, since it's so commonplace in your dojo?

With all due respect....

You are sooooo cute! and what a helpful question!

I a very small degree within my limited articulation and knowledge and... with people like you Dan and the Aunkai folks I feel you are far better qualified to articulate the Tao of IMA...Again I have no doubts about the skills or experiance of any of you good folks...

The focus of our Aikido encompasses internal power as a natural result of good practice and indeed there are people in other styles of Aikido who have been mentioned that have it so its not just ours...

My Beef with this whole deal on Aikiweb is...Internal Power means nothing without proper character development in the philosophy of Aikido and that is something a few here miss...That is the purpose of Aikido for me anyway...If along the way I experiance that which is front of my nose why that is just a bonus. Inspired by Nishio Shihan, Joko Beck, and Pema Chodron I also try to follow the Bodhisattva way... Which in simple terms means in order to keep it one must give it away...In most of these discussions that genorosity of spirit is missing frankly... and thus it leads to folks getting bashed over the head by the IMA experts here and that is not in the the Aikido Spirit. The same experts use Aikido as a straw man without citing specific examples of the bias we stupid Aikidoka are ALL accused of having. LOL

Hell Robert John and you say even the Wiki is way off base...So why not do something productive like actually CONTRIBUTE to the Wiki...That is what Wiki's are for...

I never said I was an expert nor am I a neophyte either...So hopefully one of these days I will be blessed with the opportunity to learn exactly what you guys are talking about by experiancing it first hand and you just might be suprised at how good a student I can be. The Aunkai Seminars interests me greatly as the Senior Nishio folks in Japan highly respect Akuzawa Sensei.

By the way... I prefer to be addressed as William... Micheal.

William Hazen
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